masses of America through a series of reform movements that ..

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However, the American Revolution led to unprecedented reforms in North American society....

Anthony who was a Quaker, was therefore opposed to the immorality slavery but also played a role in the movement calling for equality and rights of women.

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Nativism, for example, was also an important reform movement of this time period.

I spoke with Dr. Lynn several years ago. Not knowing the history of her involvement and her approach, I thought she would be supportive of my concerns about patients being hastened to their death within hospice and palliative care settings. I really was naive, just as when I spoke with Dr. Byock. I knew they were leaders within the hospice movement and thought they would be receptive. Dr. Lynn was very courteous and respectful, patiently listening to me and even suggested that we might "do a study" to see what was going on, but nothing ever came of it. Why would she want to show that people were being hastened to their death using methods she has openly admitted occur widely in hospice and that she has proposed as suitable methods of bringing about the end of a patient's life?

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The assisted-suicide and euthanasia advocates are, therefore, at war with America's traditional values themselves, at war with you and those you love. Hospice, which has many representatives of both the pro-life and pro-death movements, is truly divided, though the public would never know. Mixing intentional killing with hospice is like throwing gasoline on a fire: it can only cause an explosion, injury and even death to many. Just because hospice deals with those who are dying does not mean health care workers should cause death intentionally!

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"Taylor...began the ESA's soul-searching process that led to a major shift in the philosophy for the entire American euthanasia movement. She believed the ESA in the past had overemphasized the soundness of an individual's decision to have his or her life ended if terminally ill and in unbearable pain ... ." [Emphasis added]

It also had an effect on moral movements such as prison reform, ..

The "culture of death" that promotes imposing death through euthanasia, assisted-suicide or the Third Way in hospice (terminal sedation) views the pro-life movement as "the enemy." In fact, they view traditional American society as "the enemy," something to be manipulated and defeated so that their goals can be achieved. It is clear that traditional American values are pro-life. The Declaration of Independence mentions specifically the right to life!

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But what if the existing lexicon and traditional understanding of words and phrases hurt the cause and bog down the movement? The answer is simple: If the people don't want to follow where you want to take them, make the destination appear more attractive. This is precisely what proponents of the "right to die" have done. By using fuzzy euphemisms, by blurring vital distinctions, by using imprecise phraseology, and by redefining well-understood concepts and ethical principles, they created an Alice Through the Looking Glass World, where previously understood concepts no longer apply. It's as if "up" were now "down" and "hot" were now "cold." Words only mean what the speaker intends them to mean, regardless of the understanding of the listener.