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This collection is meant to feature more than 100 anthropology research paper examples. Since its emergence as a scientific discipline in the middle of the 19th century, anthropology has focused on the study of humankind in terms of science and reason, as well as logical speculation. Within a comprehensive and interdisciplinary framework, anthropology aims for a better understanding of and proper appreciation for the place of our species within earth history and organic development. As such, the scientific theory of biological evolution has been indispensable for giving meaning and purpose to the awesome range of empirical facts and conceptual insights that now constitute the rich content of present-day anthropology. Furthermore, cross-cultural studies emphasize the vast differences among human groups from the perspectives of material culture, social behavior, languages, and worldviews. Browse

Phylogenetic Representativeness: A new methodfor evaluating taxon sampling in evolutionary studies.

An outline is an ordered list of the covered in a research paper. It is useful to both writer and reader. The writer who writes from an outline is less likely to stray from the point or to commit a structural error—overdeveloping one topic while skimping on another, for example. The reader, in turn, benefits from the outline in the form of a complete and detailed table of contents. Not all instructors require a formal outline for a research paper. Indeed, not all writers would benefit from making one. Some writers compose organically and do not like to be hemmed in by a predefined plan. See .

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20. Merlo LM, Pepper JW, Reid BJ, Maley CC. Cancer as an evolutionary and ecological process.  ;6:-

This collection of history research paper examples have been designed to serve as model papers for most popular historical topics. Each research paper covers the topic in a comprehensive manner and to provides a perspective that students might find to be unique. The purpose of creating this list is for students to have available a comprehensive, state-of-the-research, easy-to-read compilation of a wide variety of history research paper examples. Our focus on essentials has meant covering fairly broad areas in the discipline, rather than specific research paper topics. In our view, this broad focus would be most useful to students. Browse

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Late mutations in tumor-suppressor genes that occur after genome doubling often affected only one allele, which potentially left the wild-type alleles intact. Although this finding could indicate that late tumor-suppressor mutations are often passenger events that do not contribute to tumor progression, it is also plausible that germline defects, subclonal copy-number loss, haploinsufficiency, or transcriptional regulation may act to limit wild-type expression. In contrast to early mutations, late driver mutations were not specific to the NSCLC subtype and often occurred in cancer genes that have been identified in other tumor types; a high proportion occurred in genes that are involved in the maintenance of genome integrity through DNA damage response and repair, chromatin remodeling, and histone methylation. Such mutations may remove tissue-specific constraints on the cancer genome and provide advantages to emerging subclones later in evolution. However, the observation of parallel evolution of driver copy-number alterations that were identified through mirrored subclonal allelic imbalance, including in and suggests that despite extensive diversity, specific constraints, which could be therapeutically exploited, may operate later in tumor evolution.

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A research paper is a piece of academic writing that provides information about a particular topic that you’ve researched. It’s not as simple as writing an essay about your summer vacation, your family, or the last party you’ve been to, because you don’t have to do research to find out about your own personal experience. On the other hand, a paper about a topic such as ancient civilizations, capital punishment, civil society, or the history of advertising does qualify as a research paper. These are topics about which you, yourself, are not an expert, but that you can learn about by reading the work of experts—in other words, by doing research. Then you can summarize, analyze, and communicate in writing what you have learned. Ideally, you will do that in a clear and interesting way.