Cultural evolution and biological evolution are not the same.

ANT 200: Anthropology of Human Society
Study of the evolution of human societies through time and over space. The course focuses on hunter-gatherer, horticultural, agrarian and industrial societies, and their change through time. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for both ANT 210 and 211. Gen. Ed. VA, VC, or VII (SBS).

However, Cultural anthropologists are every where and study people of all walks of life.
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ANT 308: Quantitative Methods in Anthropology (3) A
Prerequisite: ANT 201. Addresses how anthropologists collect and organize quantitative data, select and utilize appropriate statistical analyses and procedures, and summarize results. Emphasis is given to physical anthropology applications.

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This volume is an accessible overview of contemporary cultural evolution theory and research.
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Mesoudi, A., A. Whiten, and K. N. Laland. 2004. Is human cultural evolution Darwinian? Evidence reviewed from the perspective of The Origin of Species. Evolution 58:1–11.

A career in biological anthropology

This paper argues that cultural evolution can be described as Darwinian if it comprises variation, competition, and inheritance, and reviews evidence for each of these processes in human culture.

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Mesoudi, A., A. Whiten, and K. N. Laland. 2006. Towards a unified science of cultural evolution. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 29:329–383.

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ANT 201: Introduction to Physical Anthropology (3) I, II
General survey of the human biological species and its evolution, emphasizing the study of genetics, osteology, primate behavior and biology, fossil populations, and contemporary human biological variation. 2 Lec/2 Lab. Gen. Ed. E-4.

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ANT 311: Anthropology of Religion (3) A
Prerequisite: ANT 120 or 200. Anthropological exploration of religious belief systems across cultures and time. Analyzes the intersection of religion with subsistence strategies, economic systems, political systems, and gender structures. Topics include magic, witchcraft, sorcery, monotheism, polytheism, possession, and health.

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ANT 380: Forensic Anthropology (3) A
Prerequisite: ANT 201 (effective beginning Spring 2013). Forensic osteology and dentistry; including demographic methods, pathology, and practical methods of collecting human physical evidence; and the role of the expert witness. 2 Lec/2 Lab.