A Predictive Model of Self-Managing Work Team Effectiveness

Both self-management and teamwork were positively related to resource attainment. The study also found that teamwork related positively to job satisfaction as well as team performance. In addition, both self-management and teamwork were indirectly associated with team members’ job satisfaction through team resource attainment.

Data is collected from both a set of self-managing and traditionally managed teams from a ..

The central implication is that self-managed work teams can improve the effectiveness of organizational practice. However, the effect of self-managed work teams varies in terms of different indicators of effectiveness. Teamwork is a more powerful tool to increase organizational effectiveness than the self-management factor.

Self Managed Work teams: a discussion document | …

Self Managed Work teams: a discussion document

Vincent joined Swasti Health Catalyst in July 2015. He is a development professional with 5 years of experience in projects with the Central and State Governments. He holds a master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola College, Chennai. His expertise lies in the area of sexual and reproductive health in monitoring & evaluation, counseling, training, and communications. He has worked as a Community Development Consultant at Central Polytechnic College, Chennai, District Team Manager for the Tamil Nadu Puthuvaazhvu Project and as a Research Assistant at Population Council.

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Jim manages marketing and technical teams at Foresight. He is currently leading a technical team of experts working with NASA Langley Research Center. He has provided strategic business, marketing, and intellectual property consulting services to a wide range of technology companies serving primarily B2B markets including major work for multiple divisions of Raytheon Systems Company; multiple computer and instrumentation technology companies within Teledyne Brown Engineering and Teledyne Electronics Technologies; Whittman-Hart; Forté Software Inc., a Sun Microsystems subsidiary; Datacolor International; the Aerospace/Defense business unit of EDS; Thermo Jarrell Ash; Dynetics, Inc.; and Microchip Technology Inc., as well as many small companies and startups. He had been a principal with Regis McKenna Inc. previously, serving clients such as Motorola, AMD, and Convex Computer. He also was president and partner of the public affairs firm David A. Meeker and Associates. Other technical marketing and public relations management positions have been with Martin Marietta Aerospace, Texas Instruments, and ITT Aerospace/Optical Division and with the counseling firms Burson-Marsteller and Ruder Finn. Jim has created and managed market entry strategies for multiple products and technologies in both new and existing market categories. Beyond his direct familiarity with semiconductors and high-performance computing hardware and software, he has hands-on experience in analytical instruments, IT professional services, electronic systems and components, environmental sciences, aerospace, defense systems, energy, and numerous heavy industries. He is a frequent speaker and writer on technology market and business issues and has taught technology marketing principles and methodology at the University of Texas at Dallas, as well as for numerous corporate clients. He is a former chemical engineer and Navy jet fighter pilot.

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For cognitive systems, analysis of the UI itself is a key aspect of usability design, because UI design often has a deterministic effect on user performance. Research in cognitive theory has indicated that different visual representation of the same underlying work problem could produce dramatically different user performance in terms of ability to complete tasks correctly and productivity [,]. A well-known example is that Arabic numerals are much easier to add and multiply than their equivalent Roman numerals.