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(e) The league may charge and collect a registration fee only to defray the cost of registering sports officials and shall post the amount of the fee on the league's Internet website and make the information available at other places the league determines appropriate. The amount of the fee may not exceed the amount reasonably determined by the league to be necessary to cover the cost of administering registration.

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Because the Internet and web are easy to use and readily accessible, web material is volatile—it changes, becomes outdated, or is deleted. Its inconsistency and sometimes crude form make web information suspect for people who use it for research. Because there is frequently no quality control over web information, you must critically evaluate all the material you find there, text and graphics alike.

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You can use the following checklist, adapted from “Evaluating Internet Resources” (UMUC, 1998), to evaluate any of your sources, but especially those on the web. Ask yourself these questions about your sources. The higher the number of questions answered yes, the more likely it is that the source is of high quality.

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Sec. 33.906. WEBSITE INFORMATION CONCERNING LOCAL PROGRAMS AND SERVICES AVAILABLE TO ASSIST HOMELESS STUDENTS. (a) Except as provided by Subsection (e), each school that maintains an Internet website shall post on the website information regarding local programs and services, including charitable programs and services, available to assist homeless students.