Roberts was a man of Christian piety as well as enterprise.

Adeboye wrapped up with the altar call, in which those who are not yet saved are called forward to become members of the Redeemed. Hundreds of people streamed to the foot of the stage.

The application of Christian doctrine was much stricter than it had been in previous centuries.

In 1908 diamonds were discovered east and south of Lüderitz, and by 1913 exports were approaching £2,000,000 or 75% of the exports and more than 10% of world diamond production. The Ovambos had 100,000 people, and they were conscripted to work in the mines. The Herero and Nama had lost their cattle and their land to the Europeans and had to work for starvation wages. In 1911 most of the African men outside of Ovamboland were working for Europeans. In 1913 the Government began subsidizing European farming.

She spent over 40 years in southern Nigeria, in Calabar.

UNLIKE MANY PENTECOSTAL DENOMINATIONS, the Redeemed Church is a tightly regimented organization, with authority flowing down from the general overseer through geographic zones and into individual parishes. Adeboye, for all his talk of blind belief, is still a numbers man, and he has shown a strong preference for delegating authority for overseas missions to leaders who have training in business or science. Pastor James Fadele, the head of the church in North America, is a former automotive-design engineer as well as a close relative of Adeboye. Fadele left a job at the Ford Motor Company to run the church full time from Texas. He holds an M.B.A. and has some practical business experience — he used to own a Wendy’s franchise in Detroit — and he says he has to think like a marketer when it comes to his mission here. “Everything,” Fadele told me, “is Americanized.”

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“It is the largest prayer meeting in the world, and there is not another prayer meeting in the world that is a close second,” said Dr. James O. Davis, a Pentecostal minister based in Florida and the founder of the Billion Soul Network, an organization devoted to spreading Christianity around the world. “Everything that the Redeemed Church does is huge.”

Budu, and there they lived apart.

In August 1880 war broke out between the Namas and the Hereros over cattle rustling by the Namas. In November the German ambassador in London asked the British if they would protect German subjects. Inspector Fabri had published in 1879, and this aroused the colonial spirit. In May and August 1883 Adolf Lüderitz purchased land from the harbor of Angra Pequena to the Orange River. On April 24, 1884 Chancellor Otto von Bismarck declared the area under German protection, and he sent Imperial Consul General and Commissioner Nachtigal to Walvis Bay to make protection treaties. Hendrik Witbooi led the Namas and made peace with Kamaherero. Bismarck sent Dr. Goering as Imperial Kommissar, and he made a protection treaty with Kamaherero on October 21, 1885. Chief Kamaherero died on October 7, 1890 and was succeeded by his son Samuel Maharero, who accepted a German garrison in 1894. In 1897 almost all of the cattle of the Hereros died in a rinderpest epidemic.

Her mother worshipped the river god (Oluweri, i.e.

One slide, a bar graph, showed a set of ambitious growth objectives. Each of the church’s 22 zonal coordinators in North America, he said, had been charged with planting seven churches during the previous year. He announced an award for Pastor Daniel Ajayi-Adeniran, who, in addition to overseeing the overall effort, had also managed to consistently hit his numbers in the zone he administers, which encompasses New York and Vermont. Other coordinators reported less success, and Fadele cheerfully scolded them.