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The treaty also introduces European citizenship giving Europeans the right to live and vote in elections in any EU country and launches European cooperation in foreign affairs security asylum and immigration.

B-17 was used in the European Theatre for daylight bombing raids into Germany.

On 1 January 2002 euro notes and coins were introduced in the 12 participating states and over the next few months their national currencies were phased out.

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It sets up a High Authority to manage the coal and steel industries and a Common Assembly a precursor of the European parliament.

A year later another group of countries gets its foot in the European door as the EU opens membership talks with Romania Slovakia Latvia Lithuania Bulgaria and Malta.

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Elections to the European parliament in June 2004 the sixth since European polls began in 1979 are held in 25 countries from Ireland to Cyprus and Malta to Finland.

protesting discussion of Soviet Union policy toward Eastern Europe

In her introductory chapter, Spencer shows how despite the increased educational opportunities from 1944 and full employment in the 1950s, female career choices were constricted by the seemingly universal opinion that woman's place would be in the home, an expectation much confirmed by a younger age of marriage and motherhood. The vast majority of girls left school at 15 and, after, at most, a brief training period, entered employment only to leave once married. Class mostly determined the choice of career and which type of school was attended, and, even if there were greater choices open to a few girls, all were affected by notions of a 'universal woman', who in essence was white and middle class. Such an image pervaded throughout both official documents and women's magazines, although largely speaking most sociological (and, for that matter, psychological and educational) debates at the time concerning class and youth ignored gender questions, an omission compounded by later historians. Spencer sets out to redress that by exploring some of the constructions of adult identity open to girls as they left school, and by probing the relationship of external forces and individual agency. The role played by women themselves in constructing these identities and the insights gained into the ambivalence of the female role in the 1950s, lead her to urge a re-evaluation of 'consensus' politics and a re-definition of what we mean by 'work'. Such questioning is a vital part of the whole book.

Ozone hole above the Arctic has actually been caused …

Perhaps the most notable issue of the Eisenhower years was the one thatconsumed the nation in all respects. The hysteria over Communist subversionwithin America, though building throughout the years of TrumanÕsmilitant anti-Soviet policy, came to be known as McCarthyism. Since thebeginning of the Cold War, fear of spies, saboteurs, and security riskshad been mounting with each investigation by the House Un-American ActivitiesCommittee or arrest by the FBI, and Republican Senator Joseph R. McCarthypromulgated the country's suspicions and fears by accusing the Departmentof State of knowingly harboring Communists as federal employees. Althoughhe had no diplomatic credentials, McCarthy negotiated an agreement withGreek shipowners about trade with Communist China, conducted a search forspies in the Signal Corps and the Fort Monmouth laboratories, and investigatedthe Voice of America and overseas information programs of the State DepartmentAll inquiries were performed with destructive roughness, aided by federalemployees who violated their trusts by supplying him with information abouttheir collegues and superiors (Latham x). Though the country appeared tomobilize as a mass unit behind McCarthyÕs unfounded accusations,EisenhowerÕs inability to do more than criticize the Senator (ofteneven refusing to use his name) signaled to some to be an indication ofapproval, and the PresidentÕs credibility fell, even as McCarthybecame something of a demagogue.