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Richard Wright’s “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow” (1937) is a look at how this process of consent works in the concrete world of the pre-Civil Rights American South. Labeled an autobiographical sketch, Wright’s work tells several stories of how he learned to live by the so-called ethics of Jim Crow. This sketch is written before the end of legalized racial discrimination and it provides a look at how the transition from dictatorship to hegemony occurred for those most affected by it, African Americans. Here the age of consent happens at an early age for Wright because as a child to play safely he had to learn a brutal lesson from his mother about how black and white people should interact. His mother having lived in the horror of white oppression her entire life beat her already bloodied son for fighting with white children not as a means of punishment but as a lesson that could only be taught through violence.

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Wright does not want to accept the oppression and instead, chooses to defy it in any way possible.
Throughout "Ethics of Living Jim Crow" Wright explores the issue of white dominance through Jim Crow laws and how blacks act in response to these discriminatory acts.

Vann Woodward's The Strange Career of Jim Crow Essay

Vann Woodward and his book, The Strange Career of Jim Crow.
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believed that The Strange Career of Jim Crow was, 'The historical bible of the civil rights movement.' Any book that graces a quote, of such intense backing etched across the cover has much to live up to.

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However, as Woodward, a native of Arkansas points out, the segregationist Jim Crow laws and policies were not fully a part of the culture until almost 1900....

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The post-Civil War period of Reconstruction provided freedmen with various rights, but in little over a decade, the promise of emancipation and equal rights was gone, replaced by rigid system of laws designed to keep blacks from experiencing any of their newly achieved rights, which is known as the era of Jim Crow, the American form of racial Apartheid that separated Americans into two groups: whites, the so-called superiors and blacks, the inferiors....

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described the book as “the historical Bible of the civil rights movement.” The argument presented in The Strange Career of Jim Crow is that the Jim Crow laws were relatively new introductions to the South that occurred towards the turn of the century rather than immediately after the end of Reconstruction after the Civil War....

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Vann Woodward’s book, The Strange Career of Jim Crow, has been hailed as a book which shaped our views of the history of the Civil Rights Movement and of the American South.

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Jim Crow laws provided legal loopholes that skirted the spirit of the Emancipation Proclamation and they gave legal cover to those who longed for the pre-Civil War/Reconstruction era....