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288)."The financial career of the Rothchilds is the key to the history of the Jewish Banking in the nineteenth century...The plan adopted by him of establishing branches in the more important European capitals, over which he placed his sons, was followed by other Jewish banking-houses...the influence of Jews on Banking...was due to the preliminary advantage given to them by their international position." (The Jewish Encyclopedia (1902), Vol.

29-3:15Thesun and the  shall be darkened, and thestars shall withdraw their shining.
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23-13:10Forthe stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light:the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the shall not cause her light to shine.

Women in the Scriptures: Esther/Hadassah

[But the Jews just recently clandestinely put a so-called star of David on a stamp issued by the Post Office.] The P.O.
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Kelin, Jewish Leaders Are Crazy for Power)."It is the Jews who originated biblical exegesis (a critical analysis of the Bible), just as they were the first to criticize the forms and doctrines of Christianity...Truly has Darmesteter written: 'The Jew was the apostle of unbelief, and every revolt of mind originated with him.'" (Bernard Lazare, Antisemitism: It's History and Causes, London: Britons Publishing Co., 1967, pp.

as well as Mordecai and Esther) ..

Israel asked for U.S. intervention in stalling the deal . David Siegel, a spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington, said, "The reports in this regard are very disturbing and, as in other cases with strategic implications. We conduct an ongoing dialogue with the administration." The SA-18s are among the most sophisticated shoulder-held anti-aircraft missiles. Ideal weapon for militants, analysts said the United States might be concerned that Iraqi insurgents might get their hands on them, threatening U.S. warplanes in Iraq. This palpably is an Israeli line.

Israelis are keen not to jeopardize improving relations with Russia in place since the unraveling of USSR. Many millions of Russian Jews have immigrated to Israel, changing the demographic make up of Israel and making its policies more right wing and aggressive. Ariel Sharon, who is of Russian descent, has visited Moscow three times since becoming Prime Minister in 2001. He asked President Putin to stop Iran in its covert nuclear arms program and to restrain Syria along with its Lebanese and Palestinian proxies. It is like the wolf blaming the lamb!


Why Do Jews Go Berserk on Purim

He has worked primarily as an illustrator (A Trucker's Night Before Christmas; Countdown to 2000: A Kid's Guide to the New Millenium; Dance, Pioneer, Dance; The Green Song; Will You Still Love Me?), but he is the author as well as the illustrator of the Washington Times-acclaimed graphic novel .