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The reader will extract that psychological aspects such as goal setting, which includes: 1) identifying goals, 2) setting obtainable and realistic goals and 3) evaluating your goals can have a major impact on achieving success in coaching.
I have explained the impact Coach John Wooden and his Pyramid of Success has made on my coaching practice, along with my experiences since being enrolled in The Critical and Creative Thinking Program, which have led to my personal development and creation of the 27 Small Practice Details (Habits) That Make A Big Difference.
I have thoroughly described for the reader the critical and creative thinking skills I have implemented in my coaching practice and that have helped me achieve success.

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As a skater, coach, competitor and professional performer, it is my contention that it is this lack of attention to creativity that contributes to the high rates of burnout and stress-related disorders found in the sport.

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The academic structure I pursued resulted in a much more personal focus creating a necessary foundation on which to build any solid future endeavors whether personal or professional.
This paper is a workshop representing a series of writing and thinking activities that help the participant(s) identify and discover enlightening information about themselves.

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Critical thinking then, should not only help to make those in the nursing profession better thinkers, but also better human beings.
Ann Leary
The Implementation of Conflict Management Training Into The Post Anesthesia Care Setting for Staff Nurses During Yearly Competency Day
2011, May
Directed by Carol Smith
I am a Nurse in Charge of the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and believe conflict can be managed better by using critical and creative thinking skills.

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Also, three commercially available critical viewing curriculum packages, which target mostly middle and high school students, will be assessed with regard to their utility in this endeavor.
Bernadette LaVoie
Critical Thinking and Client Centered Nursing Care
1992, September
Directed by
Critical and creative thinking skills are necessary for the new graduate and experienced nurses alike, if they are to respond to the rapidly changing health care system and deliver professional nursing care.

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Claiming that there is a need for the empowerment of women by accessing their creativity and helping them employ it, the author designs a four day workshop for that purpose.

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By asking myself the question of why I am finding implementation of dialogue so difficult, I've been able to answer this and other questions relating to the question of where I am headed with my professional life and why.
Marie Kenerson
Stepping Stones for Living Creativity: A Holistic Approach to Critical and Creative Thinking
1997, May
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This paper synthesizes the current thinking of Peter Senge, Margaret Wheatley and Robert Fritz, and presents the development of personal mastery in a relational context as a way to facilitate an individual and collective shift in consciousness to a more creative orientation.