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"The federal and provincial governments are the ones that authorize these companies to carry on to pollute my territory. They're responsible for it. If it's proven that they are harming my life and my kids, we're going to have to take them to court ... put an injunction on Pan Fish ... We don't want any more fish farms" , 28 June 2006, Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture.

Joel Garreau,

The impact of this loss had a devastating impact on the Kwakwaka'wakw and contributed to the "Dark Age" of their culture from about 1920 to the early 1950s, when museum collecting and patronage stopped and Northwest Coast carving traditions became virtually extinct. This was the period of political prohibition during which assimulation of First Nations by "civilization" and "advancement" was the aim of the federal government. At the same time, Northwest Coast ethnographic artifacts in world wide collections were appropriated for their high aesthetic value as primitive art.

Environmentalism, the Green Religion of Human …

A similar attack from the right comes from Ray Evans, an Australian businessman, politician, and global-warming skeptic:

The good news about religious greens, Lovelock says, is that they can be led. Saints like him can change minds. “I have a personal experience here. Something like five years ago in Britain they did a big poll. There was hardly anybody” in favor of nuclear power. Now — thanks in no small part to Lovelock’s lobbying, at least in his own account — the great majority of Britons favor nuclear energy.

Political Philosophy: Methodology

What is underemphasized by White and others, and what was so impressive in Francis, is the unremitting focus on the glory of the Creator. Francis’ line of accountability drove straight to the Father and not to Mother Nature. Francis was accountable for nature but to God. Francis is almost everyone’s favorite saint and the gentle compassion of his encompassing vision is, viewed selectively, susceptible to almost any argument or mood.... It was not the claims of creation but the claims of the Creator that seized Francis.

Joel Garreau on energy sinners and carbon Calvinism

According to the influential British Association for the Advancement of Science, British Columbia was the best place in North America to conduct research in ethnography and anthropology: "[here] the tribes have suffered less displacement and change from foreign influences than those of any other region. They still for the most part occupy their original seats and they retain to a large extent their primitive customs and beliefs" .

They may have soft hearts -- and soft heads

Even some evangelicals are turning toward environmentalism. Luis E. Lugo, the director of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, speaks of their “broader environmental sensitivity”:

Aesthetic Capacities of Nonhuman Nature

To the extent that evangelicals and environmentalists are in fact reaching out to one another, there can be benefits for each side. For churches with aging congregations, green issues reportedly help attract new, younger members to the pews. And what do environmental activists hope to gain by recruiting churches to their cause? “Foot soldiers, is the short answer,” says Lugo.