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Necessary for me to explain he theory before I discuss the effects of satire
Various sources from
The Handbook of Humor Research
will help with my analysis by providing information about humor comprehension and humor's role in society
I will also utilize a literary work to provide me with information on the controversies of major environmental issues

Case Examples
I will utilize specific episodes from the Simpsons and South Park to provide me with examples:
-"Rainforest Shmainforest"
-"Last Exit to Springfield"
-"Smug Alert"
-and others
The Future
Continue promoting awareness towards environmental issues to fight the negligence

Environment Satire It has come to my attention that our nation is in the middle of earthweek

REVIEW: is Stanley Kubrick's satirical masterpiece about the Cold War and nuclear annihilation. Peter Sellers' and George C. Scott's performances are superb, and the movie finds the perfect blend of satire, thriller, and out-right comedy. The film's message about hyper-patriotic paranoia gone wildly wrong remains relevant in today's militaristic environment.

Environmental Satire by Katrina Beck and Allison …

Environmental Satire - Hawaii Eco Living

The satirical point of view towards environmental concerns and global warming by the shows South Park and The Simpsons forces adults to reconsider their morals and principles and face the reality of the situation.