History of the Elizabethan Theatre

The theatre is amazing, I would recommend everybody a visit. I've been to a few shows with the cheapest standing ticket and it was special to feel like someone from the crowd in Shakespeare's time. It requires a lot of stamina, because standing at one place for 3 hours is a challenge, but it worth it for the experience.

Elizabethan Theater - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

The design of the theater can make it a bit difficult to hear at times and as with all theaters, where you sit is key but it is is still a wonderful experience.

Elizabethan Theatre Locations - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

Visit this site which provides a unique Elizabethan Theater locations map

The first time I went to The Globe, I wanted to know what it was like for the peasants standing. £5 a person, you could hardly go wrong. I saw Richard lll. I stood right at the stage and it was amazing to feel as though I was part of the play itself. But by intermission, I just could not stand another minute and had to leave. Still, it gets you in to see the theater and maybe your stamina is better than mine!