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This biographical article describes in horrifying detail theextent and permanence of memory loss caused by electroshock"therapy".
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5, 20). The side of the brain electroshocked in supposedly non-dominanthemisphere unilateral ECT is at least as important to us as theother parts of our brains.
Psychiatristswho use ECT are violating their Hippocratic oath to not harmpatients and are guilty of a form of health care quackery. Unfortunately, most psychiatrists have administered ECT, andgovernment has failed to live up to its responsibility to protect us from this harmful and irrational"treatment". It is therefore left to to protect yourself and your loved ones from quackery such asECT by keeping yourself and your loved ones away frompractitioners who use it.
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133). One way ECT achieves its effectsis the victims of this supposed therapy change their behavior,display of emotion, and expressed ideas for the purpose ofavoiding being tortured and destroyed by the"therapy". Refusing to take ECT doesn't alwayswork, because ECT is often administered against the"patient's" will. In , published in 1980, Emory University ProfessorJonas Robitscher, J.D., M.D., said "Organized psychiatrycontinues to oppose any restrictions by statute, regulation, orcourt case on its 'right' to give shock to involuntary andunwilling patients" (p.