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There’s also Little Tree’s friendship with a little girl whose father doesn’t like “injuns.” He whips her with a belt when Little Tree tries to give her a pair of moccasins.

Life is hard during the depression, but for Little Tree it's an unforgettable time of growing up.

In a purely obligatory appearance, Hollywood’s resident Indian Graham Greene portrays Little Tree’s uncle. His only role is to be the wise elder who tells Little Tree stories of how the government signed treaties with Indians, and then proceeded to kill them anyway. (That’s obviously true, by the way, for anyone who still believes our government followed any of the Ten Commendments in dealing with Native Americans.)

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The major characters in this book are Granpa, Granma, and Little Tree.

“Education of Little Tree” is not devoid of offensive material—it portrays Christians as bigoted, dishonest, and cruel. The language is not squeaky-clean, either. There is also brief shower nudity from the prison scene—and the moral ambiguity of teaching a minor how to brew alcohol. If the aforementioned material doesn’t offend you, why not try on Little Tree’s moccasins for size?

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he Education of Little Tree” can be summed up in one word: Identity. Namely, American Indian identity. A lot of Christian audiences may avoid this fairly clean, PG-rated movie for that very reason, which is too bad—because any New Age or mystical subtext is at the end (all three or four lines of narration’s worth). The “education” here is purely cultural, plain and simple.