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18.04 When an employee suffers loss of clothing or personal effects (those which can reasonably be expected to accompany the employee aboard the ship) because of marine disaster or shipwreck, the employee shall be reimbursed the value of those articles up to a maximum of one thousand ($1,000) dollars based on replacement cost.

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1.02 The parties to this agreement share a desire to improve the quality of the public service of Canada to maintain professional standards and to promote the well-being and increased efficiency of its employees to the end that the people of Canada will be well and effectively served. Accordingly, they are determined to establish, within the framework provided by law, an effective working relationship at all levels of the public service in which members of the bargaining unit are employed.

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Canada was then flooded with DPs; some 200,000 arriving between 1946 and 1952. Pier 21 bustled with new arrivals during this period, receiving almost 94,000 in 1951 alone — 48 per cent of the Canadian total. Many who stepped ashore at Pier 21 had lived through the Holocaust.

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G.5 For the purposes of subsection (4), an order made by the Governor in Council is conclusive proof of the matters stated in the order in relation to the giving or making of an instruction, a direction or a regulation by or on behalf of the Government of Canada in the interest of the safety or security of Canada or any state allied or associated with Canada.

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G.4 The Association may not present a policy grievance relating to any action taken under any instruction, direction or regulation given or made by or on behalf of the Government of Canada in the interest of the safety or security of Canada or any state allied or associated with Canada.

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G.2 Neither the Employer nor the Association may present a policy grievance in respect of which an administrative procedure for redress is provided under any other act of Parliament, other than the Canadian Human Rights Act.

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D.03 The payment of the allowance for the penological factor is determined by the designated security level of the penitentiary as determined by the Correctional Service of Canada. For those institutions with more than one (1) designated security level (that is, multi-level institutions), the PFA shall be determined by the highest security level of the institution.

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49.06 An employee whose job functions have been modified, who has been reassigned or who is on leave of absence shall give at least two (2) weeks’ notice in writing to the Employer of any change in duration of the risk or the inability as indicated in the medical certificate, unless there is a valid reason why that notice cannot be given. Such notice must be accompanied by a new medical certificate.