01/09/1989 · ‘Eat a Bowl of Tea’ ..

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has adapted Louis Chu's 1961 novel about the subject into an initially ..

From director Wayne Wang comes , a biting satire on the mores of 1940s-era Chinatown bachelor society in New York City. Adapted from the novel by Louis Chu, the film centers on the arranged marriage of Wang Ben Loy (Russell Wong) and Mei Oi (Cora Miao), and weaves an intriguing tale of love, betrayal, and hard-fought reconciliation.

From Joy Luck Club director Wayne Wang comes Eat a Bowl of Tea, ..

Eat a bowl of tea.

Wayne Wang does a fine job adapting Louis Chu's seminal work, but the performances range from superb to stilted. Russell Wong and Cora Miao make for a cute enough couple, but Wong's acting ability is suspect in certain scenes; his dialogue comes across as a bit wooden and forced. It's also jarringly unrealisitc in the China sequences for Wong to speak English to his character's mother while she responds in Chinese. Cora Miao does a fine job, sometimes even without saying a word. When her character is home alone for the first time, she is able to convey the simple joys that a poor village girl would take in modern luxuries like running water and gas stoves - and yet she's also able to convey a sense of heartbreaking sadness.