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But at the same time, an e-commerce store is a very specific kind of animal, and it’s very very different from a standard blog or a news website.

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Hello Zhi, considering that you’re a newbie and “not a tech savvy” person, I would suggest you switch to Shopify. WooCommerce is a great plugin but needs to be learned in order to be integrated well on your website, not to mention the additional cost for addons/extensions like Paypal integration.

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Website design services you can count on. Website design companies come and go but not LWG. We've been here since1998, developing websites and e-commerce …

Web design companies come and go but not LWG. We've been here since1998, developing websites and e-commerce solutions for hundreds of clients across America and worldwide, from Montreal to China.

Shopify is quickly becoming my favorite e-commerce platform

I have a WordPress website, which I mainly use for my blog. However, I have a significant amount of spam coming from Russia. Blue Host tells me I need a fire wall, which will cost about $35.00, or so, a month. I can’t afford that. I am willing to try WooCommerce. However, I’ll still have the spam problem. Does Shopify have a fire wall in place? Any suggestions? Thanks.

The user interface of the admin panel is simply gorgeous

Hi Robert,
You write good stuff. I am learning!
I want to set up an affiliate marketing website. I originally thought of using shopify, but I believe you recommend WordPress? So I read your guides on WordPress and Woocommerce, but I can’t find any reference to affiliate marketing; apologies if I have missed this. I need to understand how customers go from my site to eBay, amazon, whatever.
Also, how do I get paid? I understand that the seller must give me a unique HTML code, but where do I put that on my site?
And how do I delete all the stuff that I don’t need – trolleys, taxes, shipping etc?
Sooo many questions.

Shopify vs. WordPress (WooCommerce) for e-commerce?

Thank you for the is great article. I m not familiar with WordPress but I am studying it these days. I am using Shopify to build a ec-site with 2 languages, EN & JP, however none of my JP staff can update it because the interface is all in EN, however I found out WordPress has JP interface and is more convenient…. I know Shopify is more powerful n all round in e-commerce however if building a site in multi-language…. I dont know which is better…. any advice?

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