Dvorak found that the ``standard'' keyboardhad several defects.

The DvorakSimplified Keyboard (DSK) offers an increase in productivity of30% to 50%, while the articles in weremaking a big fuss over any businesses that were able to achievean increase of 10%!

“Randy Cassingham, a Dvorak keyboard nutball….”–John Dvorak (no relation),

The Advantage has saved my career. I got up to speed in less than one day and now I can type for 8+ hours a day no problem. I highly recommend the Advantage! This product is worth more than the $325 price tag. If you have a career that requires lots of typing you will not regret buying this keyboard. I have bought 5 of these keyboards over the last 15 years and I have never once regretted it. I also switched to using Dvorak for my keyboard layout. It took some adjusting to, but it is totally worth it.

Dvorak received a patent for his Dvorak Simplified Keyboardin 1932.

My wrists were bothering to the point where I had to buy wrist braces. Once I switched to the Advantage I was able to stop wearing the wrist braces and my wrists no longer bother me. It took me roughly 1-2 weeks to get back up to 100% typing speed and now I use the Advantage for nearly everything I do on my computer such as programming, writing, browsing the internet, and email. I’ve also found that the Advantage increased my coding speed thanks to the thumb key clusters. I would absolutely recommend this keyboard to anyone who uses their computer all day. This keyboard can save them from RSI. Thanks for making such an awesome product! It is unfortunate that the keyboard is so expensive because many people will never get to experience how great the keyboard really is.

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However, when Dvorak's students began winning with quite superiorscores, there was no mention that they had used the DSK, onlythat they had used a machine produced by such-and-suchmanufacturer (after all, the real purpose of the contests was toprove the superiority of each manufacturer's machines, not thekeyboard used on those machines).

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keyboards unfortunately rocade the entire upper row one key. This may not matter much if the layout is numbers in ANSI order, but it causes the wrong finger assignment in the Programmer Dvorak layout. A Registry script to reorder the scancodes into the right position (such that it is '6' and not '5' that is above the 'T' in the right-most key on the left side of the upper row) is needed.

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Programmer Dvorak is constructed to be used on a run-of-the-mill keyboard. I am aware of curved keyboards that have a symmetric layout of six keys on each side of the number row (unlike "flat" keyboards which (usually) have seven on the left side).

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The best software solution I’ve found is AutoHotKey (for Windows), which allows remapping the keyboard. Someone wrote a Dvorak-QWERTY , which I use.

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Personally, I like typing Dvorak on a QWERTY labeled keyboard. It helps if I need to switch back to hunt and peck QWERTY for those rare cases where I just have to. I don’t look at the keys while typing Dvorak. I don’t care about the labels.