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Children must be made to understand the rationale behind their punishment, not just their cut arse but any type of punishment. The child must understand that the cut arse that he is about to experience is being administered as a consequence of specific wrongdoings and for no other reason, certainly not because Mummy/Daddy/Teacher is annoyed with him but simply because there are consequences, good and bad, to his actions and behaviour. When he is good he is rewarded, when he is bad he is punished, and if he behaves violently or hurts people or animals he will get his arse cut.. The child must be made to understand that anger has nothing to do with his punishment. And the rules must always be clearly laid out so that the child knows well in advance that if he engages in a certain type of inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour, his arse will be broken.

Domestic Violence: Long-Term Effects of Domestic Violence
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Articles developed by a number of authors encompassing such topics as child custody, supervised visitation, child support, managing the domestic violence court docket, adult fatality reviews, full faith and credit to protective orders, and the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. Published by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Family Violence Department.

love hurts? - Truth about Domestic Violence:

Domestic Violence Overview - Mayo Clinic
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"[T]he most pervasive and difficult problems facing victims of domestic violence are attitudes and lack of understanding of many judges and court employees about the nature of domestic violence. Too often judges and court employees deny the victim's experiences, accuse the victim of lying, trivialize the cases, blame the victim for getting beaten, and badger the victim for not leaving the batterer. All this is due to a lack of understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, including lack of knowledge of studies of batterers which show that the violence is not caused by the victim; that batterers do not give up control when the victim leaves; and that batterers try to manipulate victims to affect the judicial process. This manipulation of the court process includes batterers and other abusers who misuse the court system in regards to divorce, custody, visitation, and child support as well as domestic violence."