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Thirdly,there are countless of games who try to display magic and the occultas not only acceptable but even good and praiseworthy; for example,World of Warcraft, Diablo, Oblivion, etc. Yes in those games, one iseven awarded by magic and occult themes for murdering or hurting theopponent. Eternal Hell will be the home of all you who plays suchgames, for they are all against God, they are all based on breakingGod's commandments and doing evil and violence, or enjoying othersdoing evil and violence. Whether or not you or the world say its goodvs evil, or whether it be humans or monsters you are murdering orhurting, does not change the fact that the games in themselves aretotally evil and fruitless, often extremely violent, and as withmovies, often compels the player to take actions, agree or disagreewith occurrences, which in godly terms are unacceptable andabominable. Playing these games will only serve to stir you uptowards wanting to play more. Games with much violence and fighting,or with the ability of sinning in pride by show-offs, or with muchusage of magic-powers of the occult, or with the ability to achievepersonal fame in a fantasy land, or the show-off with skills, as withonline-games, are all the most dangerous since they serve to stir upthe flesh and body the most in a false and unholy fire of pleasureand thrill.A person that doesn't cut this off from himself will in fact lose hissoul!

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Wewill not make much mention of films or shows like Prison break,Heroes, 24, Matrix, Terminator, 300, X-men, Transformers, Spidermanand the like, etc. For there should be no need of explanation aboutthese shows. They are all against God, they are all based on breakingGod's commandments and doing evil or violence, or enjoying othersdoing evil or violence. Whether or not the world or you claim it’sabout good vs evil doesn't matter, for these shows in themselves aretotally fruitless, often extremely violent, condoning crimes andsins, and often compels the viewer to agree or disagree with theactions of the characters, which more then often are more bad actionsthen 'good' if it is even possible to call them good. Every time youagree with or fail to disagree with something which obviously isagainst God, you committed sin! When you watch films or shows forpleasure which have the characters doing crimes and sins, you do infact agree with them by your continual deed of watching and by yourfailure in renouncing it in the very same way a politician that isspeaking against abortion would be a pro-abortionist when continuallyvoting for allowing abortion. Thus, you are in fact in favor of evilby not denouncing and renouncing it completely!

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Nov 11, 2013 · Those who don't believe a link exists have crime data on their side. Coinciding with the rise of violent video games and violence in movies is a significant decrease in juvenile violent crime.
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We also recommend you read the Word of God (, , Good , The ) at least one to two hours every day until the moment of your death if it is possible. If you do not read enough everyday, your prayer will become empty since an ignorant person does not know what to ask and pray for in virtues and spiritual blessings. If you are unable to accomplish this right away, you should slowly but surely take steps to move to this point by making a resolution in your heart to never read or pray less than you have decided. Then when you have grown accustomed to maybe one hour reading and one hour praying per day, you can slowly try to add to this until you have reached your goal. It is much wiser to do it in this way and the goal will be reached much easier. For spiritual exercises are like most activities of the world: the more practice you have, the better you get. The best time for prayer is in the morning, since the mind is more clear from the thoughts and discussions of the world, so we advise you to always dedicate time in the morning for the Rosary. The Rosary is the most powerful weapon in existence against the devil and those who neglect it will indeed be eternally sorry for refusing to honor our Lady as she deserves! Think and reflect upon what greatness it is to be able to speak with the God of the whole creation and His Mother whenever we want. It is almost impossible for a man to be able to speak with a king or queen of this world, and yet the King of kings and his beloved Mother hear your every word. In truth, I tell you, that even one good word of prayer has more worth than all gold and jewels and an infinite amount of universes, for they will all perish, but God’s words will never perish. Think about how much you would concentrate and fight against distracting thoughts if someone were to tell you that you could have 10,000 dollars or a new car if you prayed a Rosary with full concentration and without yielding to distracting thoughts. This example should shame us all since we humans are, by our very nature, wicked at heart and are inclined to search for filth rather than gold (worldly things rather than heavenly ones). Everyone should try to remember this example, and then we will all be able to pray better which will bring us an everlasting, heavenly reward! The devils concentrate exceedingly much on getting a person to despise prayer in these ways: either they try to make you bored by it, or to have a difficulty in concentrating when praying, or to pray a little; for they know that prayer is the only way to salvation. The devices the devils use to distract you and lead you to hell in this age is are obviously worldly and ungodly , and and the like, but sins like the , , , greed and pride among others also give them more power over the mind since the person searches for earthly comforts instead of heavenly ones.