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The character here for "action" we have seen already as "conduct" among the "four studies."Next, with the "six arts," we mostly get things that are extra-ethical skills, even two martial arts (archery and charioteering), but they lead off with propriety, , which is not only a significant Confucian virtue, but one of the "five virtues" and "four principles." This is an interesting and perhaps revealing choice.

This area is known for strict social code and marring within ones social class.vice and virtue...
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This is very different from "mean" as the verb form of "meaning," or "mean" as in a petty, small (), or hostile, malevolent attitude -- the , "mean person."Note that the opposite of "virtue," Latin , Greek , is "." This is from Latin , but there is no independent root for the idea in Greek.

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Contrast the Seven Deadly Sins, or Vices, : pride, envy, wrath, sloth, avarice, gluttony, and lust.
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Wilde's vices and virtues
Wilde's main virtues include his courageous and assertive demeanor that goes along with his exceedingly high creative ability.

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An example of virtue would be someone who is courageous, loving, and honest.
Vice is the opposite of virtue; a human quality that is bad such as dishonesty, disobedience, or deviant.
The similarities of the Victorian era to those today in the U.S.

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And at last I would like to explain why during most of human history obedience has been connected with virtue and disobedience with sin. My opinion completely confirms author’s position here. The matter is that almost always a minority has ruled over the majority. All the good things were only for the minority. The ruling minority wanted everyone to serve and work for it, that’s why it made the many to learn obedience, to feel fear and not to disobey. As a result ruling minority proclaims “that disobedience is sin and obedience virtue; the many can accept obedience because it is good and detest disobedience because it is bad, rather than to detest themselves for being cowards”.

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If propriety is not fully a matter of ethics, but a kind of art, this would effect a compromise between Taoism and Confucianism, retaining a place of importance for it, while exempting it from the "persuasion by force" that to Taoism was the "beginning of disorder []."Despite all these virtues, actions, and arts, we are still missing an important Confucian moral quality.

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A parallel case of differentiation between noun and adjective is something we also see in Greek, where , "beauty," is a matter of physical appearance alone, while , "beautiful," can mean noble or morally virtuous as well as physically appealing.