The name is an 18th century invention.

The realm of the chaste has been explored in poetry throughout time, but never was the subject as thoroughly probed as in the 17th and 18th century....

Salons in the 18th century were held for discussions relating to art, fashion, politics, etc.

144)According to historic cookbooks, the practice of boiling eggs, extracting the yolks andcombining them with savory spices (mustard, cayenne pepper) and refilling the eggs with themixture was common in latter years of the 16th century and was the "norm" by the 17th.

In the late 18th century, fresh fruits were consumed in season.

"Devil--a culinary term which...first appeared as a noun in the 18th century, and then in the early19th century as a verb meaning to cook something with fiery hot spices or condiments...The termwas presumably adopted because of the connection between the devil and the excessive heat inHell...Boswell, Dr Johnson's biographer, frequently refers to partaking of a dish of "devilledbones" for supper, which suggests an earlier use."
--- Alan Davidson [Oxford University Press:Oxford]1999 (pages 247-248).
[James Boswell lived from 1740-1795, Dr.

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367) 18th Century France
"Louis XV ate boiled eggs every Sunday...Parisians some in whole families to admirer their sovereign's dexterity with an egg.

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These techniques replaced the combinations of wood with other materials common in the 17th century, and the motifs employed became extremely complex, ranging from the simplest chevron pattern, called , to panels of elaborate geometric marquetry bordered and outlined with inlaid fillets of contrasting colour, and to coloured pictures in inlaid woods.

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The ingredients used by Salem cooks in the 1690s would have been a combination of "newworld" foods (corn, clams,squash, beans, cranberries, potatoes), local fare (mollusks, fish, wild game, fowl/birds,domesticated hogs, apples, nuts,berries, onions, cheese, eggs) and imported goods (tea, coffee, sugar, rum, citrus fruits, spices &flavorings etc.)General notes on What was known as Salem Village in the 17th century is now known as Danvers, MA.

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Meat,heavily salted for preservation, was the mainstay of the 18th-century diet...In addition, Allenregularly served bread and a potpourri of vegetables: potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, beets, onions,cabbages, turnips, squashes, and cucumbers for pickling.

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During the late 18th century, 90 Dutchmen landed on the Cape of Good Hope as part of the Dutch East India Company, representing the first permanent settlers of South Africa.