Base deficit as a diagnostic test for abdominal injury.

The etiology of Migraine Associated Dizziness is unknown. Some have suggested that is an inappropriate sensory amplification of or failure to regulate the sensory feedback signals to the brain resulting in analogous sensation of pain or sensory overload. For example, patients with migraine can perceive sounds as painful (hyperacusis, phonophobia), have sensitivity to light (photophobia), have allodynia (pain from stimuli not painful to most other people), dizziness with changes in the weather, or disruptive dizziness to routine motion or head movements. Any or all of these symptoms except for dizziness are not required for diagnosis of migraine associated dizziness. Nevertheless, they are helpful for such diagnosis.

We don’t really know what causes migraine, there is no diagnostic test or cure

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Labs and Diagnostic Tests for Chronic Pain

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Dizziness associated with Migraine is an evolving diagnosis, not necessarily accepted by many members of the neurology community who more commonly limit the term, “Migraine,” to symptoms with headaches with features characteristic for migraine headaches. Migraine Associated Dizziness is a diagnostic entity that does not require concurrent headaches as part of the symptom complex for diagnosis. Those of us who treat dizziness and vertigo have begun to appreciate that migraine and dizziness can present with a variety of symptoms. This entity (MAD) is gaining a foothold in the medical literature. Since there is no definitive diagnostic test for Migraine as a cause of dizziness/vertigo, this diagnosis can be difficult to differentiate from other entities associated with dizziness/vertigo. Moreover, some patients with Meniere’s disease can suffer from migraine, which can also sometimes make an accurate diagnosis difficult.