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The shift of a demand curve takes place when there is a changein any non-price determinant of demand, resulting in a new demandcurve.A non-price determinant of demand are those things that will causedemand to change even if prices remain the same. In other words,what things might cause a consumer to buy more or less of a goodeven if the goods own price remained unchanged. Some ofthe more important factors are the prices of related goods (both and), income, populationand expectations. However, demand is the willingness and ability ofa consumer to purchase a good under the prevailingcircumstances; so, any relevant circumstance can be a nonprice determinant of demand. As an example, weather could be factorin the demand for beer at a baseball game.

03/02/2018 · The cost of production is a major determinant of consumer demand
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Market or aggregate demand is the summation of individual demandcurves. In addition to the factors which can affect individualdemand there are three factors that can affect market demand (causethe market demand curve to shift):