1-3, 28, or if the object is a part of one's ownbody Kâty.; Pot.

) being, existing, occurring, happening, being present ({sato me},`" when I was present "'; often connected with other participles orwith an adverb e.g.

of the plant Artocarpus Integrifolia L.

of S3iva MBh.; of one of the seven sages under the 14th Manu BhP.; of ason of Anenas ib.; (with %) of an author Cat.; of a birdHariv.; (pl.) of a partic.

see {A-zaMs}), space, region, quarter of the heavens RV.

of the plant Artocarpus Integrifolia L.

; one of the 10 orders ofreligious mendicants traced back to pupils of S3am2kara7ca1rya (themembers of which add the word % to their names) W.

of part of the fourteenth book of the Mahâbhârata (chaps.

(in this sense also n.;see {bhUmi-bh-}); part of anything given as interest W.; a half rupeeL.; the numerator of a fraction Col.; a quotient MW.; a degree or 360thpart of the circumference of a great circle Sûryas.; a division oftime, the 30th part of a Râs'i or zodiacal sign W.; N.


the part of thehand situated at the root of the thumb), ii, 59 &c.; relating orbelonging to the Brâhmans or the sacerdotal class peculiar orfavourable to or consisting of Brâhmans Brahmanical Mn.

theact of attaching or conciliating affection, love; pleasing.

for the use of the Brâhmans in their sacrifices) Br.; theBrâhmana portion of the Veda (as distinct from its Mantra and Upanishadportion) and consisting of a class of works called Brâhmanas (theycontain rules for the employment of the Mantras or hymns at varioussacrifices, with detailed explanations of their origin and meaning andnumerous old legends; they are said by Sâyana to contain two parts: 1.

statement of the reason); a butt ormark L.; place, quarter L.

, the fontenelle orunion of the coronal and sagittal sutures; various faculties anddivinities are supposed to be present in these hollows); N.

means `"the half part of anything "' [cf.

ii, 10; various modes of writing or arrangingverses in the shape of mathematical or other fanciful figures(syllables which occur repeatedly being left out or words beingrepresented in a shortened form) Sarasv.

the wife of anyparticular Vais3ya Pa1n2.

&c.; a cloud L.; (with Jainas) the 22nd Arhat of the futureUt-sarpinî; the image of a god, an idol Vishn.; a god on earth or amongmen, either Brâhman, priest RV.