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I believe that by extrapolating from past and future stories about "islandsin the net" we may collect evidence to suggest that a certain kind of "freeenclave" is not only possible in our time but also existent. All my researchand speculation has crystallized around the concept of the TEMPORARY AUTONOMOUSZONE (hereafter abbreviated TAZ). Despite its synthesizing force for myown thinking, however, I don't intend the TAZ to be taken as more than an essay ("attempt"), a suggestion, almost a poetic fancy. Despite the occasionalRanterish enthusiasm of my language I am not trying to construct politicaldogma. In fact I have deliberately refrained from defining the TAZ--I circlearound the subject, firing off exploratory beams. In the end the TAZ isalmost self-explanatory. If the phrase became current it would be understoodwithout difficulty...understood in action.

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JUSTICE CANNOT BE OBTAINED under any Law--action in accord with spontaneousnature, action which is just, cannot be defined by dogma. The crimes advocatedin these broadsheets cannot be committed against self or other but onlyagainst the mordant crystallization of Ideas into structures of poisonousThrones & Dominations.

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artwork and writings of Jimi Liao… On attempting to find one’s own place, on trying, to define oneself, with absolutely, NO inputs from anybody else outside of oneself, translated…

~James Anthony Froude, , 1849, commonly misattributed to Henry David Thoreau

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.