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Director: John CarneyCast: Glen Hansard, Marketa IrglovaBest quote: 'What's the Czech for “Do you love him”?'Defining moment: In a local music shop, an impromptu jam session between the two near-strangers shapes the gorgeous, Oscar-winning ballad ‘Falling Slowly’.Busking out all over

Project Definition defining orgasm its role and how it happens . What Is Cancer?

Director: Sofia CoppolaCast: Bill Murray, Scarlett JohanssonBest quote: 'Can you keep a secret? I’m trying to organise a prison break. I’m looking for, like, an accomplice.'Defining moment: Crooning Roxy’s ‘More Than This’ in a Tokyo karaoke bar.Platonic bomb

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Defining moment: Too many to mention, but the orgasm scene in the diner has become something of a classic.

Director: Mike NicholsCast: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard BurtonBest quote: 'You make me puke.'Defining moment: George shoots his wife, kind of.Love is a battlefield
Mike Nichols' acid-drenched adaptation of Edward Albee's stage play isn't everyone's idea of a great screen romance, but there's a reason we haven't called this list 100 Great Date Movies.Yes, rarely has a Hollywood film depicted a marriage more bitter than that of George and Martha, an academic couple who wind up drunkenly airing their very dirty laundry in front of younger colleagues at a drinks party. But it's also an unusually truthful and compassionate study of the lies and defence mechanisms that keep even unhappy couples together. And casting Burton and Taylor as George and Martha – their own famously fraught marriage bleeding into the one they're acting out – was a masterstroke. GL