Recommended Reading:Richard Dedekind, , tr.

If you had told me on the morning of July 7 that I would have lunch on July 8 with the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, I would have likely countered with tales of flying pigs or Hamlet-writing monkeys. . .

Dedekind also identified as  foundations of arithmetic what later became known as the postulates.

Granted, Kosovo is not a burning issue. If asked, the handful of people who watched the CNN Democratic debate on Tuesday would likely identify it as exotic vegetable.

Beman (Dover, 1963) andRichard Dedekind, , tr.

by John Stillwell (Cambridge, 1996).

In her HBO documentary Fall to Grace, Alexandra Pelosi—yes, Nancy’s daughter—revealed, without intending, how the shifting progressive creed had become conflated with “sin.”

Dennett, (MIT, 1984);Daniel C.

Last week, I wrote a column for WND titled, “Just Who Is Eligible to be President.” In it I raised the question as to whether Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum are “natural born citizens” and thus eligible to be president of the United States.

Dennett, (Touchstone, 1996);Daniel C.

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Dennett, (Bradford, 1998);, ed.

Last week, in one incident, as many as 180 men, women and children drowned when the boat carrying them capsized off the Libyan coast. “Libya is a major transit route for migrants hoping to make it to Europe,” reported Reuters. “Smuggling networks exploit the country's lawlessness and chaos.”

by Andrew Brook and Don Ross (Cambridge, 2002);, ed.

CNN and it’s usual political agenda was to go about staging this as though it was the 2018 Florida Gun Control Rally and this is exactly what it should be called instead of the official title of the event “Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action.”. Shame on CNN, for their theatrical, emotionally charged manipulation of peoples emotions while they are hurting from the deaths of 17 people at the hands of an idiot who should never have had a gun. Jeff Zucker, CEO of the Fake News Network was there as well, so it was not an ordinary event. Well orchestrated Fake News CNN. Dana also mentioned it was poorly moderated by Jake Tapper, and the scripting mistakes were self evident.

by Bo Dahlbom (Blackwell, 1995); and, ed.

George W. Bush was not one of those people. As charming and congenial as he could be, Bush as president was civil to a fault. His political enemies saw that as a weakness and exploited it. . .

by Don Ross, Andrew Brook, and David Thompson (MIT, 2000).

I had come to this conclusion after researching my new book, . In the book I profile those individuals who stood their ground against their progressive oppressors and prevailed.