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Inspired by the civil rights movement, Cruz, a Mexican American with only an 8th grade education, became jailhouse lawyer--writ writer in prison parlance--and the catalyst of prison reform in Texas.

Shows four alternative correctional programs which are being tried instead of traditional prisons.

The case attracted wide attention after Chin's attackers struck a plea bargain and were sentenced to three thousand dollars in fines and three years in prison, time that they never were required to serve after posting bail.

Meek Mill's prison sentence draws outrage

This documentary goes inside America's troubled prison system where more than 2.2 million convicts live in a world of increasing violence, extreme crowding, rampant drug use and gang warfare.

What Is Life in Prison without Parole?

“Solitary confinement was originally meant to be for the so-called worst of the worst dangerous prisoners, but it’s typically become a first resort as punishment for minor infractions,” said Angela Browne, a senior fellow at the Vera Institute of Justice, a research group advising states and the federal government on reform.

Inside a Mental Hospital Called Jail - The New York Times

The bleak cell contains a fixed metal desk, stool and bunk, a combined sink and lavatory unit – and little else. Despite the physical isolation the cell reverberates day and night with the noises of the prison.

Too many laws, too many prisoners | The Economist

The prisoners talk about the background of the rebellion, asking for an investigation into the treatment of prisoners and conditions at the prison which instigated the riots.