Design & the Implementation of Knowledge Management System

We begin with an introduction to REST theory, for example, what it means for a web service to be RESTful, what it means for a web service to exchange representations of resources, and what it means to only use the conventional HTTP request method types—GET, POST, PUT, DELETE—for client/server communication. Before moving into the design and implementation process of a non-trivial web service, we look at a set of sample Java applications that connect to existing REST services that are freely available (Google, Yahoo, Twitter). We then outline a practical design process for RESTful web services and then cover the four most widely used frameworks available to date: JAX-RS implementations such as Jersey and RESTEasy, the Restlet framework, and Struts 2 with the REST plug-in. We cover each framework in detail to allow you to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each framework and to begin developing your own web services after the first reading; what's more, the whole source is included for you to modify and deploy in your own web services. Finally, we discuss the most common performance issues faced by RESTful web services and cover practical solutions to security-related issues such as authentication and data transfer.

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If your implementation is small, you might just throw the solution into production and explain what you did.) If you follow an approach similar to what was previously described, you will have been communicating all along.

in client/server and relational database design using Oracle and ..

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The structure of knowledge management system and its implementation benefits proposed in this paper are surely helpful for our company . Some points are reminded in the following: