Three million Americans use brand of medicine.

In significant ways, the offensive mounted by orthodox medicine is reminiscent of how the Catholic Church operated. Orthodox medicine abandoned its more egregious practices. The public rightly feared the heroic bleedings and large doses of “medicines” such as calomel. The highly dilute doses administered by homeopaths had great appeal. During its crusade against the competition, American orthodox medicine curtailed its heroic bleeding practices, as well as its heroic doses of calomel and other “medicines.” It began co-opting homeopathic medicines into its pharmacopoeia. There was a trend ever since the 1830s, when the alternative movements began in earnest, to begin trusting nature again. Orthodox doctors began allowing the body to heal itself, or at least assist it, instead of bludgeoning it with heroic medicine. Orthodox medicine was raiding the alternatives for what it deemed useful, so it could offer a competing product. At the same time, orthodox medicine tried putting cement shoes on its competition. Getting homeopaths kicked out of medical societies were some of the early AMA successes in the 1850s.

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I had Bird’s book on Naessens mailed from Canada to those two men, one of them being an in-law of mine. I spent hours on the phone, telling him the theory behind it, the data behind it, and he had the book in his hands that repeated what I was saying. He could have taken two days out of his life, driven to Canada, visited the lab, and observed and obtained the treatment for himself at very low cost. His doctors had given him the death sentence. What did he have to lose? The only thing he had to lose was a couple days and a few hundred dollars for a chance at life. But he would also have had to rethink the whole medical game that he had been taught and question authority. He was not willing to pay that price. I would talk to him and he got excited, and when I called a month later, he wondered what I was talking about.

Regarding medical pioneers, Ralph Moss echoed when he wrote:

begins era of “heroic” medicine in U.S. during yellow-fever epidemic.
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More than a century later, the situation is identical. A couple of months before writing this in 2001, an orthodox doctor gave me his opinion that homeopathy and alternative cancer treatments were worthless scams, as they did not have solid science behind them. He stated that the very principle of homeopathy, of dilute medicines, was absurd on its face and not worthy of serious consideration. Had he performed any investigation himself? Had he even read the results of a scientific investigation that found homeopathy wanting? I believe that the answer was no, although my homeopathist lived in the same town. What was the basis for his opinion? As far as I could tell, he was reciting the fairy tales that American orthodox doctors have been indoctrinated into since the 1840s. In kind, it was nearly identical to the that I was told about capitalism in business school.

He graduated in medicine in 1881, ..

Examining American law, its enforcement, and how the USA respects international law begins treading bizarre territory. Not even Hitler could get away with kidnapping people and bringing them back from foreign soil. In 1937, a German emigrant was kidnapped by Himmler's minions in Switzerland and brought to Germany to face the Third Reich's wrath. The Swiss government protested, citing basic international law, and the Third Reich returned the person to Switzerland. America has about zero respect for international law, and has been the world’s leading nation in . In light of the American record of respect for international law and order, kidnapping Jimmy Keller to wipe out another person curing cancer is a minor instance of American international gangsterism. Jimmy was released from prison and put on parole, and mere days before his parole was complete in 1998, they threw him back in prison. He got out in 2001 and suffered a stroke that incapacitated him, and he died in 2009. Such is the fate of the true medical heroes of our time.

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She called and talked to the Fred Hutchinson Research Center (one of the most respected cancer clinics in the world, here in Seattle, which has been the center of scandal, because it performed involuntary human experiments), the ACS, the National Cancer Institute, various cancer treatment centers in the United States, and cancer hotlines and support groups. Her ear was red and sore from being on the phone for about two weeks, calling all over America, spending hours on hold. She got copies of her slides and medical reports, obtained as much literature as she could find, and shopped for a doctor. She talked to her acquaintance about his prostate cancer cure. He said his doctor was Glenn Warner, and Dr. Warner cured him using immunotherapy. Orthodox medicine repeatedly informed her that the survival rate for her cancer was about 10%. She was not encouraged.