Some other companies killed more Germans too.

Hopefully, viewing the entire presentation has given those less-familiar with the subject, a perspective of Overview, and a real understanding of that particular slice of WW2 in the ETO.

Nobody is more acutely aware of these facts than the E Co.

Decent fake crickets are available in France for about 5 bucks, and they look and sound a helluva lot more like real ones than the specimens used in the series.

So why spend 120 million to do it again?

Since people think what they are viewing on this series is Gospel, it would have been more than nice to have REAL examples of a Cricket, as well as a Sink message that was at least the correct size for these close-up shots, BECAUSE they are close-up shots, done only once or twice in the whole series.

, by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

I will follow these introductory remarks with a critique of each episode in chronological order.

A writer from the series informed me not long ago that the first (training) episode of the series was the most difficult to execute.

, by Robert A. Sirico (pdf file)

I don't know how many years he might have carried this little photo around in his wallet, but in spring, 1989, he was not yet world famous.

Being personally acquainted with Winters since 1989, I can attest to Lewis' success in capturing Winters' stance (he looks like him from the rear especially, including the shape of his head), and conveying the essence of his idealistic, exemplary leadership.

, by Jesus Huerta de Soto (pdf file)

The first episode was faced with the challenge of depicting the difficult training, developing characters, llustrating the unique predicament of men under Herb Sobel's command, and all the while not losing the interest of an audience which was ultimately tuned-in to view battle scenes.

at the airfield suiting-up, and at the map briefing by Lt.

This was no doubt why the very opening depicted airfield sequences just prior to launching for D-Day,(whetting the audience's anticipation of a combat jump), then flashed back to training, then culminated in the June 5th takeoff.

Literature, Art and Imagination:

Winters for an autographed photo, he didn't have one handy, so he removed the photo (above right) from his wallet and signed it for me on the spot with a ballpoint pen.

, by Robert E. Brylawski (pdf file)

It is also why the 2nd episode followed right behind the first on opening night of the series, so the audience would get a taste of combat the first night the series aired, lest they not bother to come back the following Sunday.