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The Ravens will provide funding for the Maryland roll out of the cornerstone of One Love’s efforts: Escalation, a highly innovative, research-driven film-based workshop that vividly depicts the escalating signs of relationship violence and creates a framework for students to understand how it starts, what it looks like, and where it can go. The film dramatically depicts a college relationship from the earliest, euphoric stages to a tragic end.

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Students can be assigned to write a letter from Victor to his father at the end of the film, after Victor picks himself up off the bridge, in which Victor tells Arnold: 1) how Victor is doing in his life; 2) how Arnold hurt Victor and how much pain he caused Victor, using as much detail as possible; and 3) how Victor feels about Arnold now, stressing forgiveness.

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Sep 29, 2016 · Sherman Alexie revisits ‘Smoke Signals ..