Twins in ‘Hamlet’ – Conquering A2 Exams

dreaming like i'm floating (it matches the name) If i really was a river, i'd float all day.
my dog
i dont get it
i'm too good for this planet
i'm too good for this planet
i feel neglected
I'm packin' my jammies and slippers
Jam and spam will make me happy
Stop putting fish in my aquarium
though too much sugar makes me nappy
the ocean's roar does make me mad!
though too much sun makes you happy
henry is going to roatan, have you heard?
pie man
death will eat you in the night
yo fo' shure
this defect in the code intrigues me so
this defect in the code intrigues me so
I wanna shot the stars down to grant me a wish.
you are a master at rhymes i must say
his eyes can carry the fish
as I sit here and wander away
The only way north southern dish
the only thing keeping this day
Take the road to the east and follow the path that leadeth into the distance
is the butter that's breaded away
for the western road is full of misapprehension and candor
Bridge to stand alone cingular
hence my choice of the road less-traveled
through the colors of spring
i got a strategy
Irish Black
I'll get the fuck out of it
chester real estate
well done Liverpool
the faffers mob
get them hundred grands
I will never tell her I love her
God will undderstand
for she is pushing up daisies.
If the youngest son loses the gland
If the youngest son loses the gland
i hate writing essays
then one day we will all join a band.
i love your mom, ese
and hand in hand we'll stand, so grand
moms like to play chess-e
while scorning the collective works of ayn rand
I saw Nessie by the lake
while scorning the collective works of ayn rand
Buy the lake, her thirst to slake
and twisting 'round the serpentine ivy, the scepter...swift upon taleria the wielder!

MALVERN THEATRES - whatsonstage

'Heaven' is a country house, the Cat Man is associated with death, and indeed hedoes seem to be involved with some questionable odd people with strange ideas and guns, not to mention that he randomly rapes a girl in the woods, and the cult finally embarkson a 'raft of life' for the hallucinogenic 20-minute climax involving a cacophony of sounds and imagery while the people on the floating raft do odd things and play withthe Earth which is by now a toy ball.

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Poem of the Masses - Dr. Pangloss

To find something that was not to believe
Collapse like a monument of ash
beaten by the rat race, strapped for cash
love is so confusing, there
love is so confusing, there's no peace of mind
is no end to it
is there no end to it
My death, ah, everlasting.
suicide is painless
No time for any sassing
No time for any sassing
no matter how haneass
In your arms, the arms of the sea with you
halitosis smell the roses
i know someone who has mixamatosis
hiya miya wot r ya siyan
people please dont do this it is a waste of your little life and also is no fun
Is that a double-yoke egg that your fryan'?
Andrew chong is a dork
"Die fat cow person"said a nearby idiot
And then the cow farted
Then earnie park died from the smell
as it darted to the same place that it started
i wonder
will she be as lovely as the martians dick
do you know the muffin man
God is gods will the will of those gods?