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Prerequisites: Admission to the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology or consent of instructor. This course will review existential thought in psychology and its application to understanding clinical problems and treatment. Particular attention will be given to how psychotherapy can be understood within an existential framework that focuses on the issues of death, freedom, responsibility, and isolation.

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Prerequisites: and 9 hours of Psychology The purpose of this course is to present students with a broad theoretical and applied overview of cross-cultural psychology. To this end, the course presents an orientation to the definitions, concepts, theories, and methodologies of crosscultural psychology. Included is an examiniation of cultural and ecological factors and their influences on perceptual and cognitive processes, personality, language, and other psychological variables.

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PSYCH 3400 Conceptual and Historical Foundations of Psychology: 3 semester hours

A survey of basic concepts and principles in micro and macro economics and how the economy has been affected by technology. The aim is to define and explain the key terms and concepts in economics and determine how technology has affected consumers, producers, and markets, as well as economic growth and policy. Topics include how innovation affects labor markets, the value of information, and the role of technological change in the economy.

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The relationship between activity and psychology is similar (though not identical) to that between language and thought. The goal of communicating through language spurs the formation of rudimentary ideas. In this sense, language is a final cause of thinking. Furthermore, once a linguistic system becomes formalized, it solidifies rudimentary ideas. (Ideas which are not objectified in language are rudimentary, indefinite, and unstable. Cf. Ratner, 1991, pp. 36_37). At that point, formalized language acts as an efficient cause in shaping future ideas. Conversely, language is envisioned by thoughts (however inchoate they may be). Furthermore, it can only be developed if thoughts become more definite. Thus, while language causes thought, it is reciprocally formed by thought.

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Prerequisite: , ; and three additional hours of Psychology. This course provides a conceptual framework for research, description and understanding of clinical phenomena. Assessment, interviewing, the clinical use of tests and psychological approaches to treatment are also addressed.

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Prerequisite: and six additional hours of Psychology, or consent of instructor. This course will address the clinical disorders and difficulties of children, as well as the causes and the treatment of these disorders. Topics addressed include autism, childhood schizophrenia, conduct disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, mood disorders, health-related disorders, anxiety disorders, and child maltreatment. Treatments designed for specific use with children, including behavioral, drug and community mental health approaches will be addressed. This course is recommended for those going on to graduate work in psychology.

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Although activity and psychology are integrally related, divergence between them is also inevitable. The dialectical conception of unity is a differentiated unity of distinct moments. The contradiction between integrally related distinct moments produces a dynamic between them in which each can change the other.