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Duties for half-time assistants during the academic year involve approximately 20 hours of work per week. Course assistants (CAs) help an instructor teach a course by conducting discussion sections, consulting with students, and grading examinations. Research assistants (RAs) help faculty and senior staff members with research in computer science. Many MS students are hired to staff teaching and research assistantships. However, MS students should not plan on being appointed to an assistantship.

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By Spring Quarter of the third year, a student should pass a  in the area of his or her intended dissertation.

This class will use the case method to teach basic computer, network, and information security from technology, law, policy, and business perspectives. Using real world topics, we will study the technical, legal, policy, and business aspects of an incident or issue and its potential solutions. The case studies will be organized around the following topics: vulnerability disclosure, state sponsored sabotage, corporate and government espionage, credit card theft, theft of embarrassing personal data, phishing and social engineering attacks, denial of service attacks, attacks on weak session management and URLs, security risks and benefits of cloud data storage, wiretapping on the Internet, and digital forensics. Students taking the class will learn about the techniques attackers use, applicable legal prohibitions, rights, and remedies, the policy context, and strategies in law, policy and business for managing risk. Grades will be based on class participation, two reflection papers, and a final exam. Special Instructions: This class is limited to 65 students, with an effort made to have students from Stanford Law School (30 students will be selected by lottery) and students from Computer Science (30 students) and International Policy Studies (5 students). Elements used in grading: Class Participation (20%), Written Assignments (40%), Final Exam (40%). Cross-listed with the Law School (Law 4004) and International Policy Studies (IPS course number TBD).
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All students also work on a substantial project demonstrating their computer science skills, writing a 12,000 word dissertation on it. Projects are often connected with current Cambridge research and many utilise cutting-edge technology.

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Applicants are not typically asked to submit examples of written work. Some may be asked by their College to do some reading in advance of their interview, but if this is required the College will provide full details in the letter inviting the student to interview.

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Assessment is by three-hour examinations taken in the final term each year and a dissertation in Year 3. Practical work is undertaken and assessed in all years of the degree programme.

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Our graduates’ knowledge and skills embody principles which will outlast today’s technology, making them highly sought after by industry and commerce alike. For example, companies at our annual recruitment fair collectively seek to recruit more than our entire annual number of graduates.

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Techniques for design and analysis of efficient geometric algorithms for objects in 2-, 3-, and higher dimensions. Topics: convexity, triangulations and simplicial complexes, sweeping, partitioning, and point location. Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams and their properties. Arrangements of curves and surfaces. Intersection and visibility problems. Geometric searching and optimization. Random sampling methods. Range searching. Impact of numerical issues in geometric computation. Example applications to robotic motion planning, visibility preprocessing and rendering in graphics, and model-based recognition in computer vision. Prerequisite: discrete algorithms at the level of 161. Recommended: 164.