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Your network probably requires more attention than it is getting and it's far too important to be ignored until something goes wrong. To operate efficiently and prevent downtime, your network requires monitoring and regular maintenance. Sure, we can solve your computer problems but we prefer to prevent them.

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Computer networks have existed for more than thirty years, but only relatively recently have they become popular in homes. In 1999, only a few hundred thousand households in the United States possessed a home network, although many more "expressed interest" in having one.

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Some of you likely between your computers using or keys. A home network allows you to share these files much faster and more conveniently by utilizing the between computers. Home networks allow sharing of other things, too, like a printer and an Internet connection. Finally, home networks create the possibility to use new applications like multi-player online games.

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However, one day, a bright spark suddenly thought, "wouldn't it be a good idea to link two machines together so that they can share files". And so, the first computer network was created.

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The IEEE LCN conference is the premier conference on theoretical and practical aspects of computer networking. LCN is highly interactive, enabling an effective interchange of results and ideas among researchers, users, and product developers. Major developments from high-speed networks to the global Internet to specialized sensor networks have been reported at past LCNs. Please join us for our 43rd annual meeting in Chicago!