Brown spoke during an afternoon news conference.

The Montecito Water District has issued a boil water notice in effect for its customers in Montecito and Summerland, . Customers can find more instructions by calling 211 or visiting .

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“We have a very difficult time assessing the area and responding to many,” Brown said, noting the presence of a ton of debris, large rocks, downed trees and power lines and cars as well as “knee-deep” mud on the roads that made access difficult. He added that there was flooding and mudslides in both mandatory and voluntary evacuation zones.

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Brown said that once daylight came Tuesday, “it looked like a World War I battlefield.”

At the peak of the rain, Montecito received about 0.54 inches of rain in 5 minutes and Carpinteria received 1.11 inches in 30 minutes, the NWS reported.

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Authorities are now reporting 13 confirmed deaths in the deadly storm that hit Santa Barbara County overnight. Sheriff Bill Brown says the number is expected to increase as search efforts continue.

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Santa Barbara County has also opened a center to assist people looking for loved ones affected by flooding and mudslides caused by Tuesday’s storm. More information can be found here:

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Between 3 and 6 a.m. Tuesday, Santa Barbara County dispatchers handled more than 600 telephone calls from residents seeking assistance because of the storm.

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During a news conference late Tuesday afternoon, authorities said at least two dozen people remain missing. At least several dozen homes are destroyed or severely damaged, authorities say.

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The death toll is officially up to six people, . Emergency reports indicated two bodies found on the 200 block of Olive Mill Road and another on North Jameson Lane at Hixon Road, though no official details were not available. Earlier in the day, the body of a woman was found on Butterfly Beach, another body found at Olive Mill Road and the railroad tracks and another at the Highway 101 offramp at Channel Drive.


The Ventura County Air Unit shared a video of Air Squad 6's helicopter rescue of a victim who was swept away in their car by mud and debris after heavy rains in Santa Barbara County. The victim was hoisted up and then flown to ground personnel, th

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At about 4 a.m., there was “a catastrophic debris flow” between Cold Springs Canyon and Toro Canyon with portions of the flow reaching down to Highway 101, said Kevin Taylor, the deputy fire chief for the Montecito Fire Department.