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This allows them to organize materials and experiences in different ways, to compare and contrast alternative labels, to integrate their understanding of different situations, and to find useful ways to think about new situations.

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Onto the Christian belief in the End Times, contained mostly in the last book of the Christian Bible, the Book of Revelation. The entire book is too vague and cryptic in its meaning to be properly interpreted. First the author reports seeing a slew of malformed creatures worshiping around a golden throne. Afterwards, a dead lamb that is equally deformed opens the seals of a book, each seal bringing a terrible plague on Earth. Then a leader rises up, claiming to be God, and places a mark on all of the people that follow him. Then a reference to Babylon is made, comparing the old dead empire to a whore who falls and is forgotten. After a thousand years of peace and harmony throughout the Earth, another series of cataclysms befalls our planet, driving all of the unbelievers to Hell. The Bible gives the number 144,000 as the number of people who will be saved to reign in the New Jerusalem, with the lamb at the center of the city. The cryptic nature of this prophecy has given rise to many interpretations. Some say that it will happen just as the Bible puts it. Others interpret the symbols as meaning the nations of the world, with Babylon usually being the Vatican and the great leader being the leader of the United Nations.

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Then, according with guidelines, I will compare and contrast those theories by using different authors’ perspectives, to critically analyze the body of knowledge achieved by those principles and explain how those theories in educational leadership add knowledge through the implementation of their premises and the interaction among them in the area of education....