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It will also give some examples of how informationtechnology has been implemented in some specific cases in industriessuch as aerospace, computers, oil and gas, railroad, and manufacturing.

The importance of effective communication in a business should never be taken lightly.

The term modern methods of communication can be defined as the new ways of contacting, which are advantageous for human relationships and these modern technologies that give advantages to the values of society or to the principles of a community....

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Many services that once required face-to-face communication have been replaced by the workings of a sort of technological machine.

Instead, it willindicate interlocking circles representing people whose job functionsmesh to perform certain tasks."(Vitiello, p.86) (As a footnote, these changesstill didn't prevent GE from divesting of its aerospace divisionby allowing it to merge with Martin Marietta a year later.) Information technology was also a core element of the turnaroundof Union Pacific Railroad.

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Theseareas are improving internal communications, integrating informationsystems, simplifying processes, rewarding contributors, and streamliningorganizational structure.

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GE's Aerospace Division underwenta restructuring that was described by Phil Magrogan, a systemsarchitect for GE, in saying "we've completely revolutionizedour corporate structure, our management strategies, and the waywe use technology."(Vitiello, p.401) The technology change came in the formof new Sun Micosystem SPARC workstations which were networkedtogether and equipped with Computer-Aided Design/Computer-AidedManufacturing software.

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At this point it will be illustrative togive some examples of how information technology has been implementedin some example companies and industries.

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The implementationof these teams was assisted by new information systems and computingresources which allowed communication between teams and allowedall of the independents to share a common database.

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If it is not viewed as part of an overall transformation,the addition of technological process improvements or informationsystems which on the surface take away human responsibility islikely to lead to job dissatisfaction.