Some European recipes adapted well to these newingredients.

There was none...most Frenchmen believed that the lack of grain was due to a conspiracy...There is no doubt that the grain speculators were making a great deal of money at the time...The unique factor was the mass delusion that the purpose of their speculation as to "exterminate the French nation."..It was said that Louis XV had already earned ten millions pounds as a result of this murderous conspiracy.

Settlers broughttheir recipes, cooking methods and some supplies with them.

- Giovanni da Verrazano, sponsoredby France, lands in the area around the Carolinas, then sails north anddiscovers the Hudson River, and continues northward into Narragansett Bayand Nova Scotia.

(Plimoth colony) (New Netherlands)

Each famly also needed raisins, currants, suet, flour, eggs, cranberries, apples, and, where there were children, food for 'intermeal eatings.' Small beer was the beverage, and molasses for brewing and flavoring was needed.

- The London Company sponsorsa colonizing expedition to Virginia.

[NOTE: These books provide excellent descriptions of "average" meals by heritage (Germans, Dutch, Swedes), location (town vscountry) and region.

Oliver [Greenwood Press:Westport CT] 2005(p.

- The first session of thefirst legislative assembly in America occurs as the Virginia House of Burgessesconvenes in Jamestown. It consists of 22 burgesses representing 11 plantations.

The size of breakfasts grew in directproportion to growth of wealth.

- Twenty Africans are broughtby a Dutch ship to Jamestown for sale as indentured servants, marking thebeginning of slavery in Colonial America.

Elverson and Mary Ann McLanahan [Walker &Company:New York] 1975 (p.

What did "average" New England colonists eat during a typical day?
"Most New Englanders had a simple diet, their soil and climates allowing limited varieties of fruits and vegetables.

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Each sentence is longer than a whole soundbite of today.

In 1776, one book, written in complex language, sold over 120,000 copies in Colonial America. That number does seem large on its own. However, to give it even more meaning, I like to convert it to an equivalent number today.

- The English monarchy is restoredunder King Charles II.

- November9, the landsat Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with 101 colonists. On November 11, the is signed by the 41 men, establishing a form of localgovernment in which the colonists agree to abide by majority rule and tocooperate for the general good of the colony. The Compact sets the precedentfor other colonies as they set up governments.