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In June 2006, the newly elected State Government of Kerala assured community leaders that it will take proactive measures against the Coca-Cola bottling plant in south India. On June 15th 2006, Chief Minister Mr. V. S. Achutanandan and other cabinet members submitted a memorandum outlining their demands. These demands included the permanent closure of the bottling plant in Kerala, compensation for the affected community members and prosecution of the Coca-Cola Company for criminal offences.

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Beyond Coca-Cola's insatiable thirst for Mexican groundwater, advocates have called out the company's role in the country's health crisis.

Civil society organizations published the Report on Violations of Human in Mexico, this year, which called out Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Danone for profiting off Mexico's water resources without paying fairly. The report states that the water fees the companies pay "are completely ridiculous compared to the profits that these companies make off the water." They report that FEMSA pays 2,600 pesos ($146 USD) for each of its water permits in Mexico.

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(d) The benefits of a Transnational Strategy
(e) The potential risks and costs associated with such a strategy
In 1980 Coca Cola's strategy was locazation

Roberto Goizueta (CEO of Coke in 1981) changed it to globalization strategy

Daft instituted a 180 degree shift in strategy back to localization

Neville Isdell (CEO of Coke in 2004) implemented a transnational strategy
limitations came in his advertisements.
insensitivity to local markets.
lower responsiveness.

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India is a conservative society with a growing middle class (Fernandes, 2000). The main issues political issues that Coca Cola and PepsiCo faced were the way the Indian Government is run. It is world’s largest democracy but totally different than western democracies. There are many political pressures that an international company have to expect before doing business in India. In my opinion this issues could have been anticipated prior to coming to India and arrangements could have been made to deal with them effectively.

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April 2005 – A High Court Division Bench allows appeal by Coca Cola and permits the company to draw 500,000 litres of water per day. Orders the Village Council to renew licence