Figure: Sample classification problem with only two features.

We find that oblique decision trees represent a good compromisebetween the demands of computational efficiency, classification accuracy,and analytical value of the results.

Theclassification problem becomes very hard, though, when there are manyparameters to consider.
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The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health was published and officially endorsed by all 191 WHO Member States in the Fifty-fourth World Health Assembly on 22 May 2001 . Although the work to produce an updated published text is still ongoing, ICF users can access the updated classification through the .

Near perfect protein multi-label classification with …

Decision tree methods have also been used for star-galaxyclassification problems [, , ].
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Theirdisadvantage is that they are not as flexible at modeling parameterspace distributions having complex distributions as either neuralnetworks or nearest neighbor methods.

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Servers are powerful machines when they are compared to normal desktop computers. They are meant to provide strength to computing power within the entire network. Controlling developed network can only be done by dedicated servers as they have higher specifications to support network. Servers can have better processing speed with multiple processors capability available. Server machine have higher RAM to load and execute software with ease. They have more advance network cards installed for faster data transfer. Hard drives are way bigger to store the data for entire clients. Hardware can be plugged in and plugged out while server is on, this helps network stable, and hardware like hard disk can be removed and attached accordingly.

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It ishard to know what the neural network actually does with thisinformation, though -- this approach asks the classifier to discoverthat a particular parameter measures the noise on another parameter.

Neural networks and deep learning

Normal computer can also be configured as server and it should be alright and perform server tasks efficiently, but if network growth is on seen and many computers are required to attach to network that’s where we might need proper server to take over the network.

Identification and Classification of Hubs in Brain Networks

Choosing right kind of networking model is very important for organization. If you are using lesser number of computer and do not see any need to increase the numbers of computers to more than 15 then you are fine with peer to peer networking model, but if you are bigger organization or seeing growth in network, client and server model is designed for it.