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Three or four categories are usually all that will be manageable in a short paper. Each category should be explained according to criteria, and sufficient specific examples should be provided as well. The classifications should be meaningful to a desired audience. The audience for the above essay could be young parents or even movie goers. The purpose, though unstated, is to use personal experience to draw some general conclusions about Americans' movie going or movie watching habits.

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Diagnosis classification is widely used by clinicians to save time from computing a large amount of information, classify the disorder and provide the information about the illness to patients (Corrigan 33).

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Support Vector Machines can be used for both, classification and regression....

A division-classification essay usually begins with a generic subject such as pets, homes, people, teachers, automobiles, etc., divides the topic into specific groups, and provides examples and reasons to distinguish between those divisions. One rule for an effective division of items is that there be a category in which most items will fit. For example, dividing movies into three groups such as action, mystery, and horror would not offer a group or division for romance, human interest, biographical, and many other types of films. Thus, the topic of films, if chosen for division-classification should be divided into broader categories.