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A journal which focuses on the broader world of international children's literature, but with frequent reference to and discussion of fairy tales. Published three times a year. The site includes listings of the articles in a number of recent issues, and libraries which subscribe to Project Muse at have access to the full-text of issues from 1995 to the present.

Pure Gold Fables and Fairy Tales:Tales from a 1909 children's anthology.

[Chapter 6: The Animal Bride: Handsome and the Beastess: A Neglected Story Pattern; The Slaughter of the Swan Maiden; Two Different Swan Maiden Story Patterns (The Swan as Captured Fairy Bride; The Swan as Enchanted Mortal Woman); The Significance of Happy Endings: Swan Maidens Who Wish to Be Won Back; The Mysterious Housekeeper Stories: The Domestic Swan Maiden; Struggles for Power: The Master-Maid (Male Passivity; The Woman as Performer of Superhuman Tasks; The Enchanted Woman Who Must Disenchant Herself; The Disenchanted Woman: Diminished Power and Status; Jason and Medea Folktales: Medea as Swan Maiden); The Tale of the Three Oranges: Marriage and Dependency; Fair and Foul: Loathly Ladies and Black Swans; Substitute Brides: The Ideal of the Perfect Wife; Myths of Feminine Evil: The Repellent Animal Bride (The Wild Woman; The Animal in the Animal Brides; The Female Werewolf and Other Demon Animals; The Vagina Dentata Motif; The Impurity of the Menstruating Woman); Russalka and the Forcibly Domesticated Wife; Melusine and Other Serpent Brides: The Phallic Woman; Disenchantment as Mutilation; Woman and Exorcism; The Fearful Kiss and the Disappointed Animal Bride: Examples of Unbroken Enchantments; Broken Taboos and Wife Abuse in Animal Bride Tales.

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The Grimm version is shaped somewhat by Wilhelm's Trinitarian Christianity and phrasing in the Apostle's Creed and the theology of Aquinas and Calvin. Various forms of communion are prominent in the story — the communion of saints, especially in the mother-daughter relationship; the communion with nature through animals and kind acts; and communion with the Trinity through such texts as the Beatitudes and the determining role of faith. The patterns of three, the substitution of doves for ants as helpmates, revelation on the third day, and allusions to the Psyche story and the goodness of Cinderella's soul, all tied in well with aspects of Trinitarian thought that interested Wilhelm. The replacement of the thoughtless father who would chop down the fruit tree and destroy the dove cote by the loving unity of the Heavenly Father and Son who look after the outcome provides the climax to the tale's spiritual journey.]

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Fun and exciting folk and fairy tales from around the world that "promote positive values" without drifting into religious matters.

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The use of a monarchy or kingdom setting in Robin Hood allowed the author to portray the abuses of power that often occur among the wealthiest members of a community.

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In libraries, depending on the system of classification, books of fairy tales may be in a variety of places. Libraries using the Dewey Decimal System will probably keep most of their fairy tales books at call numbers beginning with 398, the Dewey number for folklore, especially 398.2 up to (but not including) 398.5. There may also be some collections of fairy tales in the short story section, with the call number 808.83. In libraries using the Library of Congress classification system, it will probably be helpful to look in the catalog under the subject heading Fairy Tales to find out where they keep their books. Remember, you can always ask a librarian for assistance!

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Four of Lang's classic works, in their entirety. On the Young Readers page, find "Lang, Andrew" alphabetically to reach his books.