Chuck Noll: Teacher, Coach, Champion, Teacher | …

He spent a season at Harbor Junior College,then committed to Florida State.

San Diego State?

All it took that day in 1965 for Don Horn to become one of thefirst of Coach Don Coryell's prolific passers were John Madden, ChuckNoll, Rod Dowhower, Joe Gibbs and Sid Gillman.

"One day the Harbor JC coach called me into his office and said,'You've got a call from San Diego.

Chuck Noll: Chuck Noll, (Charles Henry Noll), American football coach (born Jan

Ed was right out of high school, andBednarik was right out of World War II. Ed said that nobodyscrewed with Chuck. Said he was like a caged lion in the lockerroom before games. And he said that he had to be watched closelyin scrimmages because he’d take shots at anybody; more thanonce one of the coaches, a gentlemanly sort, would have to say, “Now,Charles, you have to remember, these are your teammates.”

Josh Montgomery - Berwick, Louisiana
Ken Hampton - Raleigh, North Carolina - #5 is Paul Hornung and #31 isJim Taylor just beaten by the Eagles in 1960 NFL Championship game.

Chuck Noll: Teacher, Coach, Champion, ..

Legendary Steelers' Head Coach Chuck Noll, ..

“I’ve been working in this field for over two decades and have lead, participated and reviewed many research proposals. The proposals the Foundation has selected are at the forefront of traumatic brain injury research and are highly deserving of these grants,” said Julian E. Bailes, MD, chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and co-director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute in Evanston, Ill., and a member of the Chuck Noll Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board.