Physical violence in American families.

Experts in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have worked with CGRS to develop declarations regarding gender-based violence and implementation of relevant laws. These declarations are available to attorneys representing women and children who have suffered domestic and sexual violence, and they have been invaluable in helping asylum seekers establish eligibility for relief. CGRS is now working with an expert in Honduras to develop materials related to violence against children.

Domestic violence has adverse effects on individuals, families, and society in general.

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Effects of domestic violence on children - Wikipedia

Possible Signs and Symptoms of Domestic Violence in Children and Adolescents

Nine in 10 Americans surveyed regard violence and neglect against children as a serious problem, yet only 1 in 3 reported abuse when confronted with an actual situation.

get them out and help younger children see less violence.

The second greatest evil afterthe sexuality and immodesty in children's shows is the constantbullying and fun making of the weaker characters, and the violence inboth magazines, shows, films (and video games of course). Even thesecular press acknowledges that children's shows oftentimes are moreviolent than other programs broadcasted for the general public! Thisarticle below was taken from the Daily Mail and clearly proves thispoint further.

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children and Youth

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Children and youth who are exposed to domestic violence ..

When there is suggestion of domestic violence with a student, consider involving the school psychologist, social worker, guidance counselor and/or a school administrator (when indicated).

All children should grow up free from fear and violence

Secondly,there is a comedic part on almost every show which seems to hold nosin, but when examined closely will be revealed for what it reallyis. For gloating (also called disability humor) which is a mostabominable and uncharitable sin will most certainly be impossible toescape if you watch TV-series! This odious sin of gloating prevailsin every kind of media such as cartoons, films and shows, wherepeople are beating each other or laughing at the different calamitiesor stupidities that another person will experience. Think about howevil this is: to laugh at another person’s calamity or sorrow!Yet, you cannot escape seeing this when you watch TV! Do to others asyou would have them do to you, was one of the commandments of ourLord! (Matthew 7:12) - You would not want someone laughing or makingfun of your calamities and miss-happenings, yet we laugh and approveit when sad things happen to others? Then we have the constant jokesabout the Christian religion with countless of derogatory wordsuttered in a most blasphemous spirit by the media when it tries todepict how utterly stupid, foolish, and out of date it is to be afirm Bible believing Christian. The constant ridicule and mockery ofGod and the Christian religion should be sufficient cause forrejecting this mortally sinful filth entirely! Again, you would notapprove of a show that blasphemed you, a friend, child or wife, yetyou watch shows making a mockery of God and religion which is worthinfinitely more than weak human beings.