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Weissman has also argued that Chaplin's problematic relationship to his mentally ill mother was often reflected on the female characters in his films and the Tramp's desire to save them.[259]

One journalist wrote:

The star's primary concern in finding a new distributor was independence; Sydney Chaplin, then his business manager, told the press: "Charlie [must] be allowed all the time he needs and all the money for producing [films] the way he wants ...

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Chaplin gave her starring roles in Modern Times and The Great Dictator.

Mother, so light-hearted and gay, how could she go insane?"[25] For the two months she was there, Chaplin and his brother were sent to live with their father, whom the young boy scarcely knew.[26] Charles Chaplin Sr.

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There has never been so instantaneous a hit as that of Chas Chaplin".[81] In November 1914, Chaplin appeared in the first feature length comedy film, Tillie's Punctured Romance, directed by Sennett.

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A spokesman for the Chaplins said: "The family is very happy and relieved that this ordeal is over."Superintendent Gabriel Cettou, the head of the Geneva police, said the two men would be charged with attempted extortion and disturbing the peace of the dead.

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This was never done, probably from fear of Chaplin's ability to lampoon the investigators.[226] In February 2012 an MI5 file on Chaplin was opened to the public which revealed that the FBI had contacted the British secret service to provide them with information which would enable them to ban Chaplin from the US.[227] In particular, it wanted MI5 to find out where Chaplin was born and pursue suggestions that his real name was Israel Thornstein.