Animal Farm is a short novel by George Orwell

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This is how George Orwell satirizes human nature in his classic novel Animal Farm.
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Our meat goats are of three Spanish lines: Valera, Pape and Weinheimer. The goats grow quickly and thrive by clearing woods, controlling and removing weeds and generally work hard on our farm. We will sell some does and bucks for your own breeding stock, or you may purchase young delicious cabrito from our retail freezer on the farm.

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The animals in the story decide to have a revolution and take control of the farm from the humans.
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However, due to the animals' greedy co-leader Napoleon who dominates that power, the pigs' leadership turns into a corrupt power-hungry government that causes the entire farm system to collapse.

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The table below provides a list of fictional characters, events, and items from the film ANIMAL FARM, and the real-life counterparts they appear to represent....

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No person, association, partnership, corporation, cooperative or any government agency or instrumentality including slaughter houses shall establish maintain and operate any pet shop, kennel, veterinary clinic, veterinary hospital, stockyard, corral, stud farm or stock farm or zoo for the breeding, treatment sale or trading, or training of animals without first securing from the Bureau of Animal Industry a certificate of registration therefore.

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is a third generation Kansas farm that "strives to regenerate the soil while producing superior quality lamb strictly from lush grasses and legumes." Their sheep are always on pasture, which is not treated with herbicides or pesticides. The animals are free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and vaccinations.